As water treatment grows more technologically advanced, the needs of customers have followed suit and Technical Resources Group aims to provide the most current reporting style. eReporting is a digital format to record service, operator, visit, and inventory reports that can be accessed at the touch of a button from anywhere with internet access. This service is remarkably simple to navigate for both the client and the staff technician. Many eControllers that are networked with a building management system or the internet can be linked, for a subscription fee, * to the eReporting website to capture datapoints in timed intervals.

Features & Options:

  • Digital Reports (Multiple Formats)
  • Supports Attachments & Photos
  • Separate User & Customer Accounts
  • Organized Accounts, Facilities, and Systems
  • Defined Test Parameters & Limits
  • Programmed Calculated Tests
  • Trend Database Content by Date Range
  • Review System History
  • Emailed Reports
  • Emailed Alerts (Optional)