Chiller Tube Cleaning Services


In large buildings, chillers are often the single largest consumers of energy. As energy prices increase, chillers can be identified as a potential source of significant savings.The efficiency of the chiller tubes is completely dependent upon heat transfer. Thermal efficiency is limited by buildup on the inside of the chiller tubes. The best way to keep tubes clean is to have planned outages for cleaning, keeping up with water treatment, and having chiller tube coatings which help control buildup. A calcium carbonate scale of just .01” can reduce efficiency by 10%.

With the help of our team we can help you reduce energy consumption, downtime, and maintenance costs on all of your chillers.






Heat Exchanger Cleaning Services


Technical Resources Group takes pride in the value added services we provide to our customers. Our ability to clean heat exchangers and allow our customers to keep the cleanest heat transfer surfaces possible is something we take pride in. We will clean your heat exchangers in the most efficient and effective way possible.








Chemical Whiteboards


Technical Resources Group provides a state of the art chemical control board. Our whiteboards are custom built to fit the needs of our customers.

The white boards are constructed of ½” HDPE material for strength and chemical resistance. This board will offer years of service and maintain it’s original appearance with minimal maintenance. The pump shelf is constructed of the same material and is permanently molded to the board.


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