Reverse Osmosis Series

These systems are rated from hundreds of gallons to thousands of gallons per day to meet the customer’s demand. Each system has a sleek design that features pressure gauges, filter housing(s), membrane element housing(s), and can be installed in a bracket for wall mount or an upright stand.


ELP (Light Applications) ELC (Moderate Applications) ECO (Heavy Applications)
  • 350, 500, 750 GPD Models
  • 70 psi line pressure
  • Optional Pump
  • Automatic Shut Off Valve
  • Post, Operational, Permeate Pressure Gauge
  • TDS Meter
  • Wall mount or Free Standing
  • 750, 1500 GPD
  • Rotary Vane Pump
  • Feed Solenoid Valve
  • Low Pressure Switch
  • Permeate High Pressure Switch
  • Pump, Post, Permeate Pressure Gauge
  • TDS Meter
  • Free Standing
  • 2,000 to 8,000 GPD Models
  • Controller
  • Centrifugal Pump
  • Ultra Low Energy Membrane
  • Composite Solenoid Valve
  • Feed Low Pressure Switch
  • Pre-filter In / Out and Permeate Filter Gauge
  • TDS Meter